We all do better when we all do better
— Senator Paul Wellstone

Services Overview

Our aim is simple: Use our expertise and network to help grow your capacity. 

It is collective knowledge and skill that can help us grow a more equitable and just society. Take a look at our skills, and that of our partners below and let us help you on your journey.


Speaking Engagements/ Storytelling

Never underestimate the power of a gifted storyteller. We can help you craft presentations that take your work to the next level or provide an experience that is right for you. Our speakers are dynamic, thought provoking, and well researched in ethnic studies, critical race theory, and cultural storytelling. 



When engaging in equity transformation, its always important to grow your skills. From team building to policy development, we can help you craft development plans and experiences that deepen your teams effectiveness and cultural lens through what we call "The Lean In." Find out how story-based experiences can deepen your equity initiatives and grow community support. 



Sometimes you just need the benefit of an experienced set of eyes to help ensure quality equity policy, programs, and practice. We can be a great addition to your team and a resource to a growing network of equity professionals.